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The Team

Our newly-elected team are looking forward to meeting you.

Cllr Lisa Bayley, Cllr Michele Berkeley, Cllr Alan Briggs, Cllr Nicola Cobb, Cllr Mandy Lester, Cllr Jan Maddern, Cllr Steve Roberts, Cllr Emily Tout were elected to serve Nash Mills Parish in May 2019

All members of Nash Mills Parish Council live, or own businesses within the parish and are passionate about Nash Mills. For the sake of ease, each parish councillor has been allocated a specific area that they represent. Please contact the clerk with any enquiries in the first instance.

Contacts and Committee List

Lisa Bayley – Chairman
Lisa has lived in Nash Mills since 2001. Having got involved with supporting residents during the chalk mines problems, she was an obvious choice to continue her great work in 2011 when she joined the parish council. She has been an outstanding Chair since 2016. A specialist in event management, Lisa is meticulous in her approach.

Lisa is our Chairman.


Jan Maddern – Vice Chairman & Finance Lead
Having grown up in the RAF and lived in 25 houses before she arrived in Nash Mills in 1997, this is the first place Jan has ever felt she belonged… which is why she is so passionate about Nash Mills and Hemel Hempstead. Jan joined the parish council in 2011. As a borough and previously county councillor she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Jan is our Vice-Chairman and our  lead councillor for financial matters.


Alan Briggs – Planning Lead
Alan moved in to The Willows when it was built in 1997. He is keen to ensure that our local history is recognised and conserved. A lover of our local countryside, you are likely to see him out cycling through the parish, or walking around checking that everything is in order! Alan joined the parish council in December 2018 due to a keen interest in local issues and has made a hugely positive impact since his arrival.

Alan is our lead councillor for planning matters.


Michele Berkeley
Michele has lived in Nash Mills for over 30 years and is well known in the parish. She is keen to encourage residents to get more involved in local issues that are important to their lives and the future of Nash Mills. She led the residents’ campaign to resolve the chalk mines issue for 8 years. A self-employed PA, Michele is very organised. Michele is Vice-Chairman of the personnel committee.



Nicola Cobb
Nicola has lived in Nash Mills since 2009 and is probably best recognised for walking around Nash Mills with her dog Barney. She is looking towards bringing even more of a ‘village feel’ to Nash Mills, by encouraging social activities. Being self-employed she is able to manage her time to suit the needs of the parish council.




Mandy Lester
Mandy moved in to Nash Mills with her family when Nash Mills Wharf was first built in 2012. A TV news producer and keen sports fan, she is keen to enhance the communications throughout the parish to ensure residents are kept well informed. Mandy is proud to represent the residents of the new development on the parish council.



Steve Roberts Chairman, Personnel Committee
Steve has lived in Nash Mills with his wife for 35 years. Having lived in Hemel Hempstead most of his life due to his father working at John Dickinson’s, he understands local challenges well. Like Michele and Lisa, Steve ‘survived’ the Nash Mills Chalk Mine problems. He is a self-employed business consultant having come from a corporate background.

Steve is Chairman of the personnel committee.


Emily Tout
Emily has lived locally all her life and opened her salon Debeautique at The Denes in 2003, providing a perfect link between shopkeepers and the parish council. She is visible as she spends a great deal of time at the shops and is known to be active on local matters. Emily is keen to help Jan consider options to resolve the parking issues at The Denes.



Nikki Bugden PSLCC -Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer. (reporting to the full council) 

Please contact our clerk with any enquiries or questions that you may have.

The office is closed on Wednesdays, Fridays, weekends and bank holidays.

David Drew– Warden (reporting to the clerk)

Our Parish Warden works part-time for the Parish Council,  from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday and 9:00am to 11:00am on a Thursday. Each day he will be covering a different area of the ward, checking that all is neat and tidy. Dave can help with grit supplies and allocation of free dog bags. please contact him when he is on his rounds each day or via our clerk.