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Latest Agenda

The content of some of these file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology please contact the clerk to discuss alternative formats


Agenda for up and coming meetings will be online 3 days before the meeting

For all planning matters please check the Dacorum Borough Council planning notices on the following link  search planning applications

Should you wish to raise any matters or have any concerns please contact the clerk during office hours or the planning case officer listed on the application at Dacorum Borough Council.

If you wish to attend or speak at one of our meetings please contact the clerk for further information as you will need to pre-register  to speak for all matters pertinent to the agenda.

July 2021

Agenda 12th July 2021  please note location

Merged Appendices

Minutes 14th June 2021 (draft)

Draft Minutes ACM 4th May April 2021

Appendix 1 Nash Mills Crimes 2021 July Meeting

Waiting for appendix 2 and 3 B/Cllr & C/Cllr updates

Appendix 4 Clerk Report June 2021

Planning (so far)

21/02547/FHA | Integral garage conversion. | 3 Woodfield Drive Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 8LN (

21/02482/FUL | Demolition of existing house and replacement with a new two storey house with accommodation arranged over 4 floors including basement and roof space. Including all external associated ancillary works | 22 Longdean Park Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 8BZ (

21/02387/FHA | Construction of single storey rear extensions. | 25 Highclere Drive Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 8BY (

21/02369/FHA | Single storey flat roof and part 2 storey pitch roof rear extension. | 191 Belswains Lane Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 9XA (

 21/02557/FHA | Part single storey rear extension, raising of ridge and conversion of roof space into habitable accommodation. Insertion of dormer windows to rear roof slope and inset terrace to front roof slope. Part conversion of existing garage, reduction of land to rear of garage to form sunken courtyard. Changes to fenestration and external materials. New boundary wall to front of property. | 7 Silverthorn Drive Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 8BU (

Consultations   (expiry 30th July 2021)  (expiry 23rd July 2021)

Kings Langley Neighbourhood Plan ( (expiry 8th August 2021)

Appendix 5a July 2021 Schedule redacted added 6/7

Appendix 5b Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as 30th June 2021 added 6/7

Appendix 5c Detailed Receipts & Payments by Budget Heading 01_07_2021 quarter 1 2021.PDF

Appendix 5d VAT Return_ 01_04_2021 – 30_06_2021

Appendix 6 – The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Appendix 7 Magazine added 5/7

Appendix 8 NMPC Defibrillator WG Report 20210706 (with clerk notes for meeting) added 10/7

Appendix 9 Aims and vision  added 5/7

June 2021

Agenda 14th June 2021

Please note safety advice listed on the agenda in relation to this meeting

Asset Register post audit 31st March 2021

NMPC 2021 IA report Final 

Annual Return (AGAR) 2020 2021

Exercise of public rights May 2021

June 2021 Schedule redacted

May 2021

Monthly payment schedule to be

Next Meeting Tuesday May 4th @ 8pm via zoom, Agenda and links will be posted below

Please note that this is an Annual Council Meeting so business conducted will be slightly different.

Agenda Annual Council Meeting 4th May 2021 V2

Draft Minutes NMPC Annual Council Meeting 13th May 2019

Minutes 12th April 2021 (draft)


Appendix 2 WRA NoticeBoard 26042021 Application Redacted

Appendix 3 Working Groups & Committees Review May 2021

Appendix 4 DMC list

Appendix 5 May 2021 Schedule (redacted)

Appendix 6 Asset Register up to 22nd April 2021

Appendix 7 April 2021 Earmarked Reserves

Appendix 8-11 awaiting Auditor -may be deferred

Appendix 12 Nash Mills Parish Council – Pen Schedule 2021

Appendix 13 CIL update May 2021

Appendix 14 Review of effectiveness of internal audit and auditor V4 Review May 2021


Appendix 16 Meeting dates 2021 Approved updated Apr 2021

Appendix 17 Police & Crime Commissioner RSF Application Form 202122

Appendices to support meeting(merged)

April 2021

8.00pm Agenda 12th April 2021

Minutes 8th March 2021 v4

Nash Mills Crimes 2021

Clerk Report April 2021

April 2021 Schedule (redacted)

All Accounts reconciled Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 March 2021.PDF

RFO Q4 Budget Year End March 31st 2021 v4 see updated version below

RFO Q4 Budget Year End March 31st 2021 v5

Earmarked Reserves analysis 15th March 2021

Asset Register 31st March 2021

Clerk RFO Report Audit Responsibilities April 2021

Clerk Report Remote Meetings Update April 2021

Personnel Report March 2021

Action List March 2021 (post meeting)


Annual Parish Meeting Via Zoom

7.30pm AGENDA ANNUAL PARISH April 2021

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 948 2153 6965
Passcode: 629225
Dial by your location
+44 330 088 5830 United Kingdom

March 2021

Agenda 8th March 2021

March 2021 merged appendices

Minutes 23rd February 2021

Minutes 8th February 2021 (drafted)

Appendix 1 Nash Mills Crimes Feb (for March Meeting) 2021

Appendix 2 DBC Report to NMPC March 2021

Appendix 3 Clerk Report March 2021

Appendix 4 Clerk Report Annual Parish Meeting March 2021

Appendix 5 HCC Waiting Order Red Lion Lane Nash Mills Lane Objection February 2021 V2

Appendix 6a March 2021 Schedule (Redacted)

Appendix 6b Updated Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 5 March 2021

Appendix 6c CIL update Feb 2021

Appendix 7 Working Group Meeting report – Denes – March 21

Appendix 8 Agenda request – NMW parking support

Appendix 9 Clerk Report CCTV March 2021

Appendix 9 Supporting Doc- Earmarked Reserves For CCTV Determination March 2021

Appendix 10 Clerk Report Accessibility March 2021

Appendix 11 Action List Jan 2021 (post meeting)v3

ICO Publication scheme v4 Review March 2021

Investment Strategy April 2020 v2 review March 2021

February 2021

Extraordinary Meeting 22nd February 2021

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 22nd February 2021

Herts County Council Restriction of Waiting Order

Agenda 8th February 2021

Feb 2021 Merged Appendices

Appendix 1 Nash Mills Crimes Jan 2021

Appendix 2 DBC Report BCllr Maddern Feb 21

Appendix 3 Clerk Report February 2021

Appendix 4 Clerk Report Play Park Inspection Schedule 2021.22

Appendix 5a February 2021 Schedule (redacted) 

Appendix 5b Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 December 2020

please note there are no appendices 5c,d,e

Appendix 5f 2020 Financial Report


Appendix 5b Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 December 2020

Appendix 6 Draft Local Plan – working group report – Jan 20-

Appendix 7a Joint letter to DBC v0.2

Appendix 8 Action List Jan 2021 (post meeting)v3

January 2021

Agenda 11th January 2021

draft-Minutes-14th-December-2020 (1)

Appendix 1 Nash Mills Crimes Dec 2020 for Jan report

Appendix 2 Clerk Report January 2021 v2  updated 11/1/2021

Appendix 3 BCllr Report to NMPC January 2021

Appendix 4 DMC attendees Jan-May 2021

Appendix 5b Q3 and Bank reconciliation up to 31st December 2020

Appendix 5c Vat return up to 31st December 2020

Appendix 5d Addendum to Clerk Contract Dec 2020

Appendix 6 V6 Final Budget and report

Appendix 7 Precept V6 for meeting Accessible version

Appendix 8 Magazine delivery trolley

Appendix 9 Meeting and Agenda Item Dates 2021 (proposed)

Appendix 10 Action List Dec 2020 (post meeting)

December 2020

Merged Appendices (redacted)

Agenda 14th December 2020 v2

Appendix 1 Nash Mills Crime Nov 2020 (report Dec)

Appendix 2 Clerk Report December 2020

Appendix 4 a December 2020 Schedule v2

No appendix 4b action to be noted only and 4d has been circulated to Cllrs as some items are confidential under data protection rules. Redacted version available on request.

Appendix 4c SUMMARY Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 1 December 2020

Appendix 5 Report and V4 Budget Draft Dec 2020

Appendix 6 Verges WG Agenda Request Form December 2020

Appendix 7 (V2) Defibrillator WG Report

Appendix 8 Working Group Meeting report – Denes – 18 Nov 20

Appendix 9 Clerk Report (Speed Indicator Device) for Councillors Dec 2020

Appendix 11 Action List Nov 2020

November 2020

Nov 2020 Merged Appendices

Agenda 9th November 2020

Draft Minutes 12th October 2020

please note the following supporting documents do not include some of the supporting financial documents but that these will be redacted and uploaded asap post meeting this month, please also note that some use of tables may make our documents harder to access using a screen reader-please contact the clerk should you require alternate formats.

Appendix 1 Nash Mills Crimes 2020 Sept (report Nov)

Appendix 1a Nash Mills Crimes 2020 Oct 2020 (report Nov)

Appendix 2 Clerk Report November 2020

Appendix 3 DBC Report to NMPC November 2020

Appendix x County Councillor Report for Nash Mills Parish Council Nov 2020

Appendix 4a  November 2020 Schedule Accessible version

Appendix 4d Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 October 2020.PDF

Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 30 October 2020 v2UPDATED TO INCLUDE BUSINESS RESERVE INTEREST

Appendix 4 g CIL AND S106 update Nov 2020

Appendix 5 RFO Budget Report for Councillors Nov 2020

Appendix 6 Verges Agenda Request Form October 2020 (V2)

Appendix 6a Verges Report 19 Oct 2020 (V2)

Appendix 6a Verges Working Group Meeting report -Oct 2020 (2)

Appendix 7 The Denes Working Group Meeting report – 28 Oct 20

Appendix 8 Remembrance Day RA Nov 2020 v2

Appendix 9 Playpark Risk Assessment

Appendix 10 Asset Register Nov 2020 for council

V3 Internal Controls Review-Adequate and Effective Systems – Review Nov 2020

V3 Review of effectiveness of internal audit and auditor Nov 2020

Clerk Report Internal Controls November 2020

Clerk Report General Powers of Competence November 2020

Action List Oct 2020 (post meeting) updated Oct 2020

October 2020

Agenda 12th October

Draft Minutes 14th Sept 2020 v3

October 2020 Schedule (redacted)

Merged Documents without unredacted financials (public)

Appendix 2 Clerk Report October 2020

Appendix 3 Dacorum Borough Councillor  Report to NMPC October 2020

Appendix 4d RFO Quarter 2 Budget Report for Councillors Sept 2020

Appendix 4e Bank Reconciliation as at 30 September 2020

Appendix 5 – Christmas lights Sept mtg

Appendix 6- Magazine Sept mtg

Appendix 7 Agenda Request Form – Defibrillator

Appendix 8 Action List

September 2020

Agenda Full 14th Sept 2020

Draft Minutes 10th August 2020 v2

Draft Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 2nd September 2020

Appendix 2 Nash Mills Crimes 2020 (sept meeting)

Appendix 3 Clerk report (merged docs)

Appendix 4 DBC Report to NMPC September 2020

Appendix 5 draft-model-byelaws-2020-pdf (1)Appendix 6 draft-statement-of-licensing-policy-2021-26-including-changes-to-previous-policy

Appendix 7a financial Schedule (redacted)

Appendix 7b Cashbook Aug 2020 (redacted)

Appendix 7b (1)Bank – Cash and Investment Reconciliation as at 31 August 2020 all accounts

Appendix 7d PKF Littlejohn Closure Notice 201920

Appendix 8 Verges

Appendix 9 Willows Agenda Request Form Sept 20 JKM

Appendix 10 Agenda Request Form – Christmas lights Sept mtg

Appendix 11 Agenda Request Form – Magazine Sept mtg

Appendix 12 Clerk Report Play Park Repairs September 2020 

Appendix 13 Disciplinary Procedure

Appendix 14 V1 Remote Meetings Protocol August 2020 (003)

Appendix 15 Action List August 2020 (post meeting)

September 2020 extraordinary

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 2nd September 2020

August 2020

Agenda Full 10th August 2020

Remote Meetings Protocol August 2020 (003) (draft)

August merged V2.public copy (updated 6/8/2020)

July 2020

Agenda Full 13th July 2020

Please note that the minutes below are in draft form and have a small modification in Cllr Roberts comments that will be advised at the July meeting

Draft Minutes and Appendices Extraordinary Meeting NMPC 29th June 2020 

Draft Minutes NMPC 9th June 2020.

Merged Appendices V4

Please note that the verges report that is due to be presented at the meeting is too large to upload but is available from the clerk on request-please note this is a discussion document so is for information only as it may be updated once discussions have taken place

June 2020

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 29th June 2020


Agenda Full 8th June 2020

Draft Minutes NMPC 9th March 2020

June 2020 Appendices 2-16 excluding finance

June Merged and redacted FINANCE

Audit Documents merged  20/085/FPC

March 2020

Agenda 9th March 2020

Draft Minutes NMPC 10th February 2020

 March supporting documents exclu play report.(see below for report)

Appendix 6 (Playpark report)

February 2020

Agenda full 10th February 2020

Appendices  (redacted) TO SUPPORT AGENDA FEB 2020 (V1) ITEMS OUTSTANDING

Nash Mills Crimes February Meeting 2020

Appendix 5 (iii) Bank Rec & Cashbook 31st Jan 2020 redacted

Appendix 5 ( i) Monthly Schedule -redacted


January 2020

Agenda Full 13th January 2020 Final

 Supporting Documents Jan 2020  (redacted)

2019 Meetings

Agenda Full 10th December 2019

supporting documents Merged and Redacted December appendices    

Appendix 2 Nash Mills Crimes December 2019

Agenda Full 11th November  (supporting documents PDFsam_merge for November redacted version for public)

Agenda 14th October 2019

Agenda Full 9th September 2019   please note change of venue for this meeting

August 2019 (additional meeting) Agenda & Summons

Personnel Agenda July 2019

Extraordinary Meeting July 2019 Agenda .

June 2019 Agenda