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Full Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets every month, except August (unless an additional meeting is required). The May meeting is the 1st in the meeting calendar and is also the Annual Parish Meeting.

The eight elected councillors, who represent the civic Parish area, are mandated to attend each meeting. The current Chair is Lisa Bayley.

The public and press are welcome to attend most meetings. Members of the public can address the Parish Council on matters that are on the meeting agenda.

It is sometimes necessary for the Parish Council and Committees to discuss confidential matters, these are kept to an absolute minimum and when necessary the press and public will be asked to leave the meeting. This part of the meeting is normally identified on that meetings agenda.

Financial Matters

Your Parish Council raises a precept as part of your Council Tax bill to cover the cost of providing local services. Each month the council meet to monitor expenditure against budgets and agree new expenditure. An Annual Report is provided by the Responsible Financial Officer as part of the Annual Parish Meeting in May.

The role of the Council is to ensure the stability of the Parish finances and to budget for events determined by the full Parish Council. Financial matters are covered under full council, however Cllr Jan Maddern is our lead councillor for this area.

Planning Matters

Nash Mills Parish Council review and discuss all the planning applications that have been received for Nash Mills. These are considered in light of the surrounding area, benefits or otherwise to the Community and neighbours in association with the Dacorum Borough Council Local Plan. The Council then makes their comments known to the relevant Case Officer who has to consider them when reviewing the case. The Council are of course not qualified Planning Officers however they are invited to attend seminars and forums from time to time, and when necessary work closely with the Council Officers. Cllr Alan Briggs is our lead councillor for planning.

Personnel Committee

The role of the Personnel Committee is to undertake the recruitment of paid Parish Council staff and to coordinate a business recruitment process – drafting job descriptions, responding to applications, assisting with the selection of candidates and arranging interviews.
Our part time Parish Warden – David Drew patrols Nash Mills in order to monitor and look out for safety issues and cleanliness etc in the area. It is also great to have the Parish Warden visible in Nash Mills in case the residents want to raise any issues.  The current Chair of Personnel is Cllr Steve Roberts.