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The Grand Union Canal

The Westerly border of Nash Mills is effectively the Grand Union Canal. Until the 1990s this area was either industrial or agricultural. Now with the conversion of the Sappi site it will be effectively residential up to the Red Lion Road. The canal provides stunning walks for miles in each direction and is very popular with dog owners and families as well as those seeking a pub at the end of their walk,. In addition there is a thriving Canal based community in the area, both those who make the Grand Union their permanent home and for holiday makers as well as some business owners who use the waterways as means to travel the country. The Salvation Army is one organisation that has their own Waterways chaplain in the area, and there are still boat chimneys with brass and red rings, meaning “Salvation Army welcome on this boat” (a sign not necessarily known to the boat owner!)

2012 saw a huge change in the canal community when the running of the Canal was transferred to a charity – called the River and Canal Trust.